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3 life or death questions you must ask your realtor!…And their answers!

Selling a house or a piece of real-estate can be a daunting experience for some. If you have no prior or advanced knowledge in the world of real-estate, the do’s and dont’s and the language or procedures used when selling then these three questions could be your lifeline too a successful, profitable and smooth sale…

How do agents market a property?

Q #1 How are you going to market my property and how will you be proactive in its sale?

Now this may seem like a mundane question but it is one that you are well within your rights to know! And what should they say in return you may ask? And this is exactly what you are looking for and what you want to here! Please note that this answer is absolutely measurable by you the seller and you will know early on into the marketing whether they have just played to your ears but never the less a good agent should pretty much answer on point to what we say.. Then back up what they have said with results! Please note: the results may not be what you have wanted but if they are a decent and honest agent to which there are many then they will give them to you whatever the outcome may be.

A: We are going to..

0.1-Advertise by word of mouth to personal clients that are already looking for property similar to yours.
1-Advertise to our internal database, (if they have one)
2-Advertise on local real-estate websites for local buyers, (this is essential)
3-Advertise in local property press i.e. papers, flyers (depends on their marketing budget and your needs and budget)
4-Advertise to and on international websites for overseas buyers (in todays growing markets and global ethnic repositioning is a must)
5-Communicate with weekly stats and results god or bad for in house or online advertising campaigns of your property.

What makes a great real-estate agent?

Q #2 What can you give to me that other competing agents won’t. What is your agents USP? (Unique Selling Point)

Again this may seem random, but why should you not ask your agent what their USP is… After all they are still a business like any other so why should they not stand up and be counted for the fantastic or terrible service that they are about to provide to a well paying customer!

A: We will give you…

0.1Listen too and take note of the sellers wants and needs throughout the entirety sale.
1-Regular communication and information of the progress regarding the sale of your property. By phone, email, SMS message or better still face to face.
2-A dedicated sales representative 24/7 on hand to deal with any questions or changes regarding the sale of your property.
3-Out of the box thinking of the promotion of your property i.e. an open house with a reserve held auction on your home?(be creative or the agent should if they are any good!)
4-A strategic meeting with a plan a, b and c if the current strategies and promotion are failing to work regarding the sale.
5-HONESTY. Good or bad you as the seller deserves honesty in the simplest form from any agent. If honesty is ever lost then a seller/agent relationship is also lost forever. Demand honesty..

How to chose your realtor

Q #3 Why should i chose you rather then the agent down the road from you?

Aaaahhhhhh! Now this one is left to the imagination… Please just remember that after asking this question of utter awkwardness that you must remain silent, calm and straight faced until hearing out absolutely everything of what is to come when opening this tin of worms! This is neither a pleasant or nice question to ask but it is to the point and absolutely within your right to ask seeing as you will be parting with your well earned cash to this person upon completion and sale of your property! …(if it sells with them)

OK now i don’t want to get too stuck in to what elaborate answers you may here when this is being asked but let us just say this… And only on this occasion the less that is said is probably the better.
If you end up sitting in front of the agent for the next 45 minuets listening too “how they have something to prove” and how this is “their shot at the title” then you are probably in for a long ride and a whole lot of disappointment.
This (and this is only my opinion) is what i would personally want to here.

A: You should chose me/us because.

0.1-We sell a lot of houses in your area. (evidence to prove statement)
1-We want your business.
2-We don’t want anyone else to have your business.
3-We want to make money. (honesty is a breath of fresh air, we all know why we are in business but sometimes it pays to re-inforce the fact with honesty…You will like them for that)
4-It looks good on us. When you know as a seller it matters to the agents reputation you know that you are in good hands. No agent with any self respect will ever want to mess a client around for their own reputation or credibility.
5-(This is the kicker!!) We would rather you didn’t sell then sell for the wrong or undervalued price!!!!! Wow if that was said more often there would be 100% less ‘agent jumping’ or changes… When you are selling a property or piece of real-estate all you want to hear is that someone is on your side and fighting your corner. If you ever hear these words it is your god given duty to either send them a bunch of flowers on completion or take them for beer.. (Your marital status and other issues come into play here but we won’t cover these in this one…)

So… Now you have your three life or death questions to ask your realtor or estate agent before agreeing with them sell your property and you have some of our hand picked appropriate answers that you should be looking for after asking… Go out there and be confident in your sale. Make sure you here what you want to here and make sure you believe in what they are selling you before you intrust to sell for you!!


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