Vamoove is a fresh new concept in buying and selling property online

  • Vamoove – the place for serious buyers and sellers to connect and do business.
  • It’s simple to use and there are no hidden costs.
  • We make the whole process easy, we save you money and dispel the myth that buying and selling property is complicated.
  • Our unique buyer-to-seller connecting strategy eliminates all but truly SERIOUS buyers. It assures agents and sellers that their time is not wasted, so that they can focus directly on only SERIOUS buyers.


If you’re serious about investing in property, register now to start buying outstanding real estate. We’re serious about finding you the best property investment opportunities in the world because WE KNOW you’re serious about buying.

There are two ways to buy properties on Vamoove. Register to browse our international portfolio of outstanding properties and get direct access to our listings and start buying and selling now.


Join the Vamoove Platinum members area to find distressed, BMV properties, off-market sales, quick sales and pre-auction deals. To get access to these opportunities you’ll need to provide proof of funds either through your lawyer, lender or solicitor. Once we have that information you’ll have access to some of the best real estate deals wherever you are in the world.

You may be in it for the short, medium or long term, making a one-off purchase, looking for quick deal or building up your property portfolio, whatever your property goals, we can help you make that happen.

We have opportunities for developers, investors, buy to let landlords or even if you may be looking to buy your very own dream home.

Whatever your property investment goals, we know you’re serious about buying and you know we’re serious about finding the best properties available for you.

OK – ready to get started?


all our are pre-qualified; they can only look at your properties if they’ve got proof of funds (find out more here).This means no more wasting time on deals that fall through because of lack of funds.

Our buyers are serious about property investment and we know you’re serious about finding the right kind of buyers and Vamoove is the place to make this happen. We’ll save you time and help you make money.

Our goal is to limit the number of people who just “browse” properties and leave you free to focus on offers from GENUINE potential buyers.

OK – ready to get started? and start getting your properties in front of pre-qualified buyers from all over the world.



By allowing Direct private listing means that sellers are free to market properties exactly how they want, in a cost effective way. Properties stay on the site until it sells and listings can be changed as many times as needed – control stays in the seller’s hands at all times

Once you register your agent or solicitor details to show proof of funds, the process moves swiftly and easily, saving you time and money and giving you direct access to sellers all over the world.


Our instant search feature shows you results from the moment you begin typing. Multiple options allow you to search the World for properties by location, price, name, type, or any other property-related keyword


Our Platinum membership – distressed sales, quick sales and unmodernised or pre-auction properties

We have access to a unique selection of great property deals, especially distressed sales, quick sales, and un-modernized or pre-auction properties.

Platinum Membership opportunities are perfect for developers, investors or first-time buyers looking for something not usually found in the mainstream property market.


Agents have to show their total fees upfront in percentages – so no hidden costs and no surprises. We want everyone to know exactly what they are paying for from the start – this promotes trust and reassurance among buyers and sellers.

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