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Why should you consider selling your home privately?

There have been countless arguments for and against using real-estate agents or marketing your property privately over the last few years which has sparked many a debate. As the technology is moving forward and becoming more advanced regarding real-estate and the sale of property there are clearly very strong differences from both sides.

But when there are so many opinions and views that you can take up and listen too over blogs, websites, friends, family etc.. the list goes on.. Who do you listen too and what do you believe. Well look no more this is the fact of the matter. It is entirely down to you, the seller, and your needs.

Are you the type of person that’s up for having a go?

It boils down to weather you are the type of person that likes doing business face to face, looking someone in the eye and then entrusting them with your deal/house or property or whether you are the type of person who likes having a go yourself. Saving some hard earned cash. Putting some time and effort in to produce a result which is conducive to your sewing and harvesting.

So, if you are the type of person that likes to ‘have a go’ that likes to see if they can market what they have so lovingly worked for and have the opportunity to save a great deal of money on their sale whilst rapidly adding to their profit then here is exactly why…

Take back control of your sale.

When selling a property privately you have full control. You have the power to set your price, chose your market and negotiate how you feel comfortable. You have the ability to create a presence in the market place with your individual product (your property) in a way that no one else can as you have a sole interest in the sale as it effects you directly with your emotional interest invested into the whole operation and sale from start to finish. The onus is on you. Good or bad, fast or slow. The buck stops at you, and if you are the type of person that thrives on responsibility and and takes charge of your own life with no blame or ‘pity-party’ culture then this is most definitely the route for you.
Selling privately by using online platforms such as (UK based) or (internationally based) certainly have their limitations like the fact that it is basically a DIY (Do It Yourself) way to sell you property with no room for blame if you don’t have the correct pictures or description to your home to best promote it, but on the flip side you could potentially do a whole lot better..

Who better knows the description of your own home and has their heart and sole in its bricks and mortar like you??… Then who better to describe it then you? Who knows the best angles and in what light your bedroom shows the best.. You do.. And if you don’t you can alway hire a photographer for a couple of hours for a small price that would do.

This is even overshadowed by the fact that you would be paying a fraction of the price to list your property in this way then you would on one of these DIY platforms.. So what does makes a successful sale then and what is the major difference between you doing it yourself online or going to your local agent?

Communication Communication Communication.

Basically it boils down to the communication with the buyer, the effectiveness of your personal selling and marketing practice.. If you have your pictures and description on point. You have an effective means of communication via email, SMS messaging or phone then you are in just as good a position to sell your home. Probably better then any one else could do it for you.

An agents argument would certainly be “well we have been in the business years and we know it better then anyone else” but your argument is then “well we have been in our house for years and we know that better then anyone else”…

“We know selling

An agent will tell you that they treat every sale of a home separately and individually and in the same breath say “well we know selling anything to do with property anyway…” but then if every home is an individual how can you sell every home to your highest potential if no two homes are the same… And yes to be fair, a great agent they should be trained to market a tiny bedsit too a huge beverly hills mansion by taking in the positive attributes from both ends of the spectrum but never the less.. You know your own home and if you think you can give it a go by going it alone then no harm can come from it apart from educating you further!

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3 life or death questions you must ask your realtor!…And their answers!

Selling a house or a piece of real-estate can be a daunting experience for some. If you have no prior or advanced knowledge in the world of real-estate, the do’s and dont’s and the language or procedures used when selling then these three questions could be your lifeline too a successful, profitable and smooth sale…

How do agents market a property?

Q #1 How are you going to market my property and how will you be proactive in its sale?

Now this may seem like a mundane question but it is one that you are well within your rights to know! And what should they say in return you may ask? And this is exactly what you are looking for and what you want to here! Please note that this answer is absolutely measurable by you the seller and you will know early on into the marketing whether they have just played to your ears but never the less a good agent should pretty much answer on point to what we say.. Then back up what they have said with results! Please note: the results may not be what you have wanted but if they are a decent and honest agent to which there are many then they will give them to you whatever the outcome may be.

A: We are going to..

0.1-Advertise by word of mouth to personal clients that are already looking for property similar to yours.
1-Advertise to our internal database, (if they have one)
2-Advertise on local real-estate websites for local buyers, (this is essential)
3-Advertise in local property press i.e. papers, flyers (depends on their marketing budget and your needs and budget)
4-Advertise to and on international websites for overseas buyers (in todays growing markets and global ethnic repositioning is a must)
5-Communicate with weekly stats and results god or bad for in house or online advertising campaigns of your property.

What makes a great real-estate agent?

Q #2 What can you give to me that other competing agents won’t. What is your agents USP? (Unique Selling Point)

Again this may seem random, but why should you not ask your agent what their USP is… After all they are still a business like any other so why should they not stand up and be counted for the fantastic or terrible service that they are about to provide to a well paying customer!

A: We will give you…

0.1Listen too and take note of the sellers wants and needs throughout the entirety sale.
1-Regular communication and information of the progress regarding the sale of your property. By phone, email, SMS message or better still face to face.
2-A dedicated sales representative 24/7 on hand to deal with any questions or changes regarding the sale of your property.
3-Out of the box thinking of the promotion of your property i.e. an open house with a reserve held auction on your home?(be creative or the agent should if they are any good!)
4-A strategic meeting with a plan a, b and c if the current strategies and promotion are failing to work regarding the sale.
5-HONESTY. Good or bad you as the seller deserves honesty in the simplest form from any agent. If honesty is ever lost then a seller/agent relationship is also lost forever. Demand honesty..

How to chose your realtor

Q #3 Why should i chose you rather then the agent down the road from you?

Aaaahhhhhh! Now this one is left to the imagination… Please just remember that after asking this question of utter awkwardness that you must remain silent, calm and straight faced until hearing out absolutely everything of what is to come when opening this tin of worms! This is neither a pleasant or nice question to ask but it is to the point and absolutely within your right to ask seeing as you will be parting with your well earned cash to this person upon completion and sale of your property! …(if it sells with them)

OK now i don’t want to get too stuck in to what elaborate answers you may here when this is being asked but let us just say this… And only on this occasion the less that is said is probably the better.
If you end up sitting in front of the agent for the next 45 minuets listening too “how they have something to prove” and how this is “their shot at the title” then you are probably in for a long ride and a whole lot of disappointment.
This (and this is only my opinion) is what i would personally want to here.

A: You should chose me/us because.

0.1-We sell a lot of houses in your area. (evidence to prove statement)
1-We want your business.
2-We don’t want anyone else to have your business.
3-We want to make money. (honesty is a breath of fresh air, we all know why we are in business but sometimes it pays to re-inforce the fact with honesty…You will like them for that)
4-It looks good on us. When you know as a seller it matters to the agents reputation you know that you are in good hands. No agent with any self respect will ever want to mess a client around for their own reputation or credibility.
5-(This is the kicker!!) We would rather you didn’t sell then sell for the wrong or undervalued price!!!!! Wow if that was said more often there would be 100% less ‘agent jumping’ or changes… When you are selling a property or piece of real-estate all you want to hear is that someone is on your side and fighting your corner. If you ever hear these words it is your god given duty to either send them a bunch of flowers on completion or take them for beer.. (Your marital status and other issues come into play here but we won’t cover these in this one…)

So… Now you have your three life or death questions to ask your realtor or estate agent before agreeing with them sell your property and you have some of our hand picked appropriate answers that you should be looking for after asking… Go out there and be confident in your sale. Make sure you here what you want to here and make sure you believe in what they are selling you before you intrust to sell for you!!


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Achieve Luxurious and Comfortable Living with a Real-Estate portfolio

Living a well-off and luxurious life may seem to take a great deal of time and elbow grease too acheive. Most people spend their whole lives working to achieve their dream lifestyle and often at times, find themselves tired and too old to enjoy the full benefits by the time they have finally reached the peak. True enough, there really is no short cut to success. However, there are easier ways available to achieve that dream lifestyle you are craving for without spending the rest of your life working. One sure tested way is to invest in a real estate strategy.

Real Estate Investments and Income Flow

Real-estate can often promise a steady residual income flow. The residual income you can structure and accumulate can can be foreseeable and steady compared to various other businesses. This factor is advantageous for people trying to withstand the dynamic profit changes of their other job, business or businesses.
Since cash flow is key and with property rentals or buy to lets this can be a steady and continuous stream helping to take care of mundane life nags like bills, insurance, mortgages and other boring topics leaving you to potentially spend your days focussed on your real wants in life. Whilst travelling, freedom, feeling relaxed, nice cars, houses and other of our common wants can be one of the main goals for building a profitable portfolio through real-estate and property, those of us who are of the business-minded nature will find that you can use the excess income from your property portfolio for building other businesses and ventures. The stable flow of cash will help you conquer and override the tough periods of economic uncertainty and will aid you in living your life to the fullest.

Edge of Real Estate Industry During Inflation

Another reason why the real estate industry can be far better than many other forms of financial investment is its ability to cope with economic situations. Unlike other businesses, common forms of economic glitches like inflation do not immediately affect the income of the real-estate industry when there is a negative downturn in the economy. However, when the price of economic commodities rise, real-estate incomes become even pricier since the values of properties and rental prices go higher. Thus, even results in a greater positive outcome falling on the side of the real-estate investor.

Real Estate Triumph in Building a Property Portfolio

The accumulation of property, savings or investments owned by an individual, a group or a company is commonly called a portfolio. As a rule of thumb, real-estate investors tend succeed to a greater degree when they invest and build up a portfolio rather than investing in a single stand alone property.
Financial comfort can be near on impossible, will take longer and prove much more difficult to achieve if you only have one sole property as a source of residual income. Creating and building a viable property portfolio is the best step in making your real-estate career flourish. It seems pretty obvious and due to the fact that by owning multiple properties means getting multiple profits.
Spreading your bets in different areas and diversifying your portfolio can also be a wise choice, as if a certain area has a down turn or experiences some difficulty in attracting tenants that want to live there for whatever economic reason, you will have properties supporting the portfolio in separate areas for different tenants needs. Properties acquired in different areas will inevitably give you a dissimilar income but if you will invest in multiple properties in one area that is struggling to prosper, your profit will not grow. However, if you invest in multiple properties in different areas, even if one area does not develop, but the remaining others do, your real estate investments will still make money and grow. And for the properties experiencing a downturn you can either hold and flip or hang onto until the price of property in that area inevitably will go up.

Conclusion: Reaching Success With Real-Estate

By building, growing and owning a property portfolio of real-estate and property investments, you will hopefully become less tense and so worked-up in reaching your dream lifestyle. After accumulating your ideal amount of residual wealth the aim is to sit back and watch your income take you to the peak of success. With this industry, you need not to spend the remainder of your years working just to achieve the luxurious and comfortable life you are dreaming of.


What Is A Property Portfolio And What Are It’s Benefits? (Ep174)

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Avoid Becoming a Victim of Property Fraud With Proof of Funds

Real-state fraud is now one of the worlds fastest growing kinds of white collar crime. However, we can take measures to avoid becoming a victim of property fraud in various ways. In both on and off market property deals, we have to establish security that will benefit all parties. Anybody can be a victim of property fraud. May it be the buyer or the seller or even the agent and solicitor has to protect their part in every transaction. In order to avoid being victims of property fraud, we have to understand what exactly property fraud is and how it works.

How Property Fraud Works
Property fraud happens when someone uses someone else’s identity to acquire properties by forging documents. This can also be a product of investments on some get-rich-quick scams by bogus solicitors through bogus companies. We may receive some brochures in the post about free property investment seminars. A fraudster can offer presentations and talks about quick money in property investment. There are also offers to buy properties at a discounted price, properties that are not yet built. These are the kind of offers that are too good to be true, and more often than not, they really are.

Fraud Risks
Property fraud can happen to anybody but it is most likely happen to property owners whose identity has already been stolen in some way. Documents can be forged and properties can be transferred to someone else’s name. Increased risk in property fraud is also heightened when a property has been empty for a while or has been bought to let. It may be that the owner is abroad, living at another address, or in a home care. This also most likely happens to property without mortgages attached or to properties that are unregistered.

Prevent Property Fraud
In every transaction, not just in property deals, we have to ask questions and ask for references about the people or company we are dealing with. We should never make an investment without thorough research. We should know the person and the company we are dealing with. Never buy a property without actually seeing it or having the detailed property plans and all the documents that prove the particular property is real and in off plan deals an insurance that the property will definitely be built. In every transaction, we should keep copies of all the paperwork, courses and notes. As for the property owners, properties should be registered and contact details should be kept up to date.

Benefits of Proof of Funds
Frauds and scams rarely happen to us if we are careful and take the correct steps. Following basic principles to avoid property fraud can be very helpful. One that can also be beneficial to avoid being a victim of property fraud is understanding the benefits of using proof of funds in property dealings. Between buyers, sellers and agents, it is easier and more secure to provide proof of funds. This document proves that someone is capable or has the capacity or the necessary funds for the transaction. This also promotes transparency between parties that enables everyone to establish trust. It is easier for a legal binding to use legal documents and proofs to create a more advantageous deal to all parties involved. Let us be vigilant to avoid being a victim of property fraud.


Property Fraud – all you need to know

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Things to Consider When Buying Real Estate Overseas

Every prospective buyer’s goal is to acquire a legitimate and secured realty. On one hand, real estate sellers aim for serious clients who intend to buy land properties abroad. In recent times, frauds and scams are common. Thus, there must be an assurance that both buyers and sellers avoid deception and transact with ease.
Our agency, Vamoove, is in the business of selling overseas real estate deals for serious clients. We aim to help interested customers in choosing and purchasing the best realty offers in the market.
Before engaging in any transaction, considerations must be made when purchasing properties from abroad in order to guarantee great estate deals with no schemes involved. Ted Karsch listed three possible downsides of buying international properties, and precautionary measures that can be done to avoid these problems.

Political Instability
Karsch mentioned that many countries have unstable political environments that may unfavourably affect an estate investment. Under extreme circumstances, governments take hold of the assets owned by foreigners without offering fair or any reimbursement. Therefore, it is crucial to cautiously study the present level of political stability of the country where you consider buying a property.
Economic Instability
Economic instability in different parts of the world may lead to protests and criminal acts. The extra cost of hiring a round-the-clock security guard to monitor your assets can affect your bottom line. Furthermore, having estate on a country with high levels of crime can be discouraging since security is a major issue.

Local Real Estate Laws
Knowing and understanding local realty laws is vital for any person who plans to acquire overseas real estate. Laws could be complicated in foreign nations. Studying these laws will inform you of your rights and how to protect them. Karsch suggests that best strategy is to hire a local estate lawyer who can assist you in familiarizing how the legal system works.
There are probable setbacks when purchasing foreign property, but with the help of legitimate real estate agencies like Vamoove, clients are guaranteed the best realty deals.

Our Company
Vamoove is an online international property site that connects serious buyers and sellers from around the globe. Unlike other real estate agencies, Vamoove allows sellers and agents to take a small snapshot on the potential buyers. There is nothing else quite like this out there in the market place. Snapshots of potential buyers are taken before negotiating a deal with the real estate agents. By using these snapshots, there is reassurance that both sellers and buyers can show their genuine interest and willingness to conduct business, thereby avoiding fraudulent transactions.

Vamoove’s REASHARE
We also allow agents to offer clients the option to ‘vet’ probable buyers using the ‘REASHARE’ pre-qualification service. REASHARE is a real-estate data sharing technology that provides the client’s data which is needed before engaging on a transaction. Listing properties can give the option of placing these estates on the market as part of our automatic social share system. This endorses and posts realties on our social channels and groups.
Vamoove is a credible realty agency that can help agents and serious buyers conduct transactions for the best, scam-free property deals.


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Why Investing in Real Estate Is a Good Source of Income Return

According to Robert Kiyosaki, “Business and investing are team sports.” Devoting your money in real estate is a good investment as the value greatly appreciates annually. It is also one of the safest types of investment, if not the safest. In this day, looking for possible investments can be very exhausting and worrisome as there have been plenty of scammers offering too good-to-be-true deals out there.

Getting Started
Getting started in the real estate business takes basic knowledge. Luckily, this can now be done easily by researching through the use of Internet. You don’t need to earn any form of specialisation in order to attain that, just a handful of key points that can be read through articles and books through the library and the Internet would feed your mind with the things you need to know. It is very accessible, helpful, not to mention inexpensive too.

Real Estate Versus Stocks
Investing in stocks requires ample amount of knowledge, before you can actually start with it; you have to know the dos and don’ts in order to gain profit. You have to understand the world of trading, how to play with stocks, and how to gain money from it. Investing in real estate properties is much simpler than stock trading. You can start by doing a little research on the Internet and looking for prospective properties. There’s much more to just choosing a property that would best serve your purpose though, it is just your step one.

It Is a Stable Investment
First off, you have to come up with a financial strategy. One of the most beneficial ways that most individuals come up with is by purchasing a house, apartment or unit that you can rent out to other people or families. In this way, you can use their monthly rent payment to pay for your mortgage fees. You are doing good business with that being said. Moreover, you have to come up with the down payment for the property that you are eyeing onto; this is usually 20% of the property’s value. So we are indeed looking at a big amount here, if you have savings up front, then the better.

Consult a Financial Adviser
You may also wish to consult a financial adviser to know the essentials of Real Estate investment. A good financial advisor will be able to give you the information and tips that you need to know. He/she can also point you to the best and worthy properties that could bear higher income return value over time.

Pass It Onto Your Children.
Real estate is a long-term investment and it will continue to grow over time. When you think of investment, you shouldn’t think of only just one lifetime, you should also keep in mind of what you can pass to your children when you leave them, may it be too soon or not. Real estate properties are something that you can pass onto your children. This may serve as a financial security to the loved ones you’ll leave behind.

Once you find more ways on how to manoeuvre this type of business and how good of an investment real estate can be, you can start purchasing more properties and see how it appreciates and how it could give you high income returns over time.


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Should YOU be investing in the international real estate markets?

Here’s why we think you should…

Thanks to an uber-strong dollar, global market events of the past half-dozen years and rapidly expanding middle classes in key locations, 2016/17 are going to be golden years for the international real estate markets. Of course, different people have different agendas while selling or purchasing properties. While some people choose to make new lives from these investments, there are some international buyers who’re looking to make good returns on their investment. In fact, in the Age of the Internet, people can now make cost effective purchases and instantly seize properties as soon as they’re realised into the global real estate market.

So why exactly should you be investing in global real estate? Here are some points too consider –

Diversification for buyers
One of the biggest advantages of investing in the international real estate market is the fact that you can diversify your portfolio. A lot of buyers do not think beyond domestic borders while investing in real estate, which can direly affect your property if the country experiences a negative economic period. In the end, you could potentially be left with nothing. However, investing in a broad spectrum of global real estate ensures that domestic economic troubles do not have any effect on your international investment.

Higher prices for sellers
Now if you’re someone who wants to sell their property to international buyers, then there’s no better way for you to make a higher amount of money than for letting international buyers invest in your property. How? Well, you can easily leverage the price of money in exchange rates to market your property to international investors. As simple as that!

An attractive portfolio
If you’re someone who’s a regular international buyer or seller (or an international real estate agent) you should know that putting up your property (either for sale or purchase) online to an international community immediately makes for an impressive resume. The international market is a great place for serious real estate investors to go through property after property. And with you being the one selling the property, you can very proudly flaunt what you have! Here are The 5 Top Overseas Property Markets For 2016 for those of you interested in them.

Potential for Growth
Markets like the US, Japan and UK have pretty much reached their saturation point. However, there are other international and underdeveloped markets out there that are in the middle of large periods of growth, most notably in Asia. All you have to do is to identify those countries or cities, invest in properties there, and you can very easily get a double or triple return on your investment.

Tax exemptions
One of the biggest advantages of investing in the international real estate market is the fact that your transactions are private and safe. Not only that, you get various tax advantages, including deductions you can take on your U.S. tax return. In fact, here’s an in-depth article on U.S. Tax Deductions On Real Estate Abroad. If you live outside the US then this article on Real Estate Going Global will help you understand exactly how much tax you’ll be saving via your investment or sale.

So, really – what are you waiting for? Make your foray into the international real estate market today!

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Can Social Media Save The Real-Estate Markets? by Vamoove PR

The idea 20 something years ago that we could have used information technology to benefit ourselves in property & real-estate would have sounded quite far fetched. But today when searching for any kind of property or real-estate deal, the majority of us turn to our computers first before anything else.

The beauty of this as we all know is convenience, time saving and we can get through hundreds if not thousands of properties at the click of a button or a tap on a tablets screen.

So with all this technology at our fingertips, great new apps and gadgets aimed at taking care of every single element of our seemingly over complicated lives. How comes the property market is still up and down like a children’s yo yo??

Some, if not many will blame things on the banks, the greed, the lack of knowledge in buyers and ‘the economic cycle’. Whilst these are all credible excuses and undoubtably do have massive effect and influence on the property market wherever you are. I have a belief that if there were better up to speed communication from all parties involved, we could lessen the severity of the highs and lows in our markets and minimise the damage caused by bad uneducated investments in property itself.

I wrote in a previous blog that you wouldn’t invest over 250k in an online stock without searching into it and learning everything you could about it, so why would people consider doing just that within the realestate market??
So I racked my brain and looked into the options people had and mistakes people commonly made and came up with two main factors.

1- people buying too high at the wrong time.

2- a lack of knowledge in the market place.

These really could be rolled into 1 but in any case the real deal breaker in property failures was having the sufficient knowledge on a whole from credible unbiased sources.

This is where I feel that whilst you are looking to invest in property but you’r checking your friends new update on their Facebook we are all going wrong.

We are spending too much time looking for amusement and not enough time educating ourselves on the things that are going to really benefit us and our families.

So.. Basically my theory…What ever that is worth is to put down your Facebook fun page, stop tweeting someone who will never know your real name and start investing our time wisely in social media for good.

Such sites as LinkedIn are ideal for business updating and searching but as I found out are not so friendly if you only have recently signed up, get all excited… and people will not let you join their group due to lack of contacts… How shameful.

This is where such sites as and were aimed at being very beneficial as it is a complete community dedicated to realestate and property and real-estate transparency. They are easy to request fellow agents and sellers & contact other members to share information on the site itself and with no limitations, the site is ideal if you are new to the property market looking to get advice from agents and other buyers or sellers.

Anyway… to summarise my point, I feel strongly that we can get over any problems together in any industry especially the property market but information is the answer and social media sharing is the key.

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Will the Bubble Burst for Buy-To-Let?

Will the Bubble Burst for Buy-To-Let?

With Spring around the corner and the new stamp duty rates for buy-to-let becoming effective in April, TV Presenter and Property Agent Rebecca Jane looks at the implications.
The new stamp duty rates for second homes means that anyone buying a second home or buy-to-let will be hit with a higher rate of stamp duty. The tax grab is designed to help ease the housing shortage, with anyone who buys additional residential property liable to pay an additional 3% in stamp duty from 1st April 2016.
The additional charge applies above the current stamp duty land tax rates, meaning there will be 3% tax to pay on homes worth up to £125,000, 5% tax on homes that cost between £125,001 and £250,000 and 8% on homes worth between £250,001 and £925,000. Homes worth up to £1.5 million will be subject to 13% stamp duty and those priced above this amount will incur a 15% charge.
It is not all bad news though. For second-home buyers who exchanged contracts before the Autumn Statement was delivered on 25th November, the higher tax rate won’t apply, even if completion is after the 1st April deadline. The other positive is that as the rules currently stand, investors can offset the additional stamp duty, along with other purchase costs, against capital gains on the property in the future. Whilst this maybe the case for now, there is no guarantee for the future.
‘The Bank of Mum and Dad’ may not be able to help from April as the changes do not spell good news. You can still be a guarantor for a loan, but a joint mortgage that requires a parent’s name on the title deed will be hit by the tax – as will couples who want to buy a property each. Married couples and civil partners will be treated as a single unit that lives together. Any additional property purchased by either person will attract the higher rates.
So are we able to invest in a buy-to-let or second home without incurring the new taxes? Only if you buy now and complete by the 1st April. The danger here is that there may be a rush and the short-term increase in demand could temporarily push up prices, before the increase hits. So my advice would be to watch the market to make sure that any temporary price increase doesn’t exceed the 3% saving made by buying quickly.
Also be aware that there are other potential tax changes on the way, with the wear-and-tear allowance for landlords of furnished properties being revamped and coming into effect in April, and an earlier deadline for paying capital gains tax on property sales.
For first-time home buyers, it’s hoped that by making buy-to-let less appealing, not to mention lucrative, demand for investment properties will fall, leaving the rungs of the property ladder accessible. Only time will tell!

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Whats all the fuss about this new online property search?

It can be excruciatingly tiring to find the ‘perfect’ real-estate buyer or agent, be it when selling a property or purchasing one. You have to tick off so many things on your to-do list when finding the right person, like their success rate, their past performance, their purchasing situation, digging more into their history to speak to their clients and knowing how truly good (or bad) they are. And keep in mind that you might not have to do that with just one agent or buyer… you could potentially do it with many. Do you really want to spend your free time talking to people you don’t know and trying to collect information which will be of no value to you once you make your sale or purchase? And even then, you’ll never have the kind of information that you have about other service professionals.

And then.. If you’re trying to deal with home owners/sellers directly, that process in itself brings with it its own set of drawbacks…

Here are 4 advantages that you get when you use Vamoove’s perfect system of real estate buying, selling and renting –

  1. Direct communications and sales

As already mentioned above, the process of screening potential agents, home buyers and home sellers can be tedious and full of problems. But you can easily eliminate all these problems by becoming a part of Vamoove’s vast network of home owners, sellers and real estate agents where you can scour through millions of properties being sold across the globe. And you can have all this information at the click of a button.

The company acts as the medium via which you can communicate with potential home owners, sellers or even agents. We just make sure that the parties communicating with each other are genuine and anything beyond that point is between the parties! Vamoove is the first website of its kind that makes it mandatory for real estate buyers to pre-qualify themselves as our members. This is done to save potential sellers from wasting their time with people who just want to do nothing more than browse through properties and viewings without any real intention of buying them.

This cutting edge manner of searching for property online is unique to only Vamoove, which makes us stand out in a sea of real-estate websites across the globe.

  1. Property buyers are made to share their financial eligibility details.

There’s no scarcity of people who love to “browse” through one property after the other. These are the ones who cancel deals at the last moment because of reasons like “We’d like to wait it out” when the truth is that they never intended to buy the property in the first place because they simply couldn’t afford to.

This is why Vamoove makes it mandatory for property purchasers to submit proof that they can actually purchase the property. Proof includes a ‘Proof of funds’ i.e. solicitor’s, lawyer’s or lender’s note. Buyers are also required to register their solicitor details that the property sellers can view when buyers request to view the seller’s contact details or to view further details on the property. The seller can then either accept the request and carry on the negotiations, or reject the request completely if they feel the buyers are not a good fit to purchase their property.

  1. ‘Off the market’ properties available to those who request them in vamoove’s platinum buyers area

It’s true. The Platinum buyers enjoy the added advantage of rummaging through off market properties and niche properties with a difference. Remember – off the market means you can purchase unique properties at better rates since there is less competition for them from potential buyers.  In fact, for those of you interested in such properties, Vamoove has specially made the option of “local in-house agents” search available in order to make the option of purchasing properties much smoother for you.

  1. You have everything at your disposal for a small sum of £1

You can list and promote your properties to qualified leads for as low as £1 per property! And that’s the type of service that is cheaper than that charged by any and every real-estate website across the world.


So you see how just by usingVamoove, you can save a lot of time and energy which would have been otherwise wasted into efforts which may have never borne fruit? So check out the site today.