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Why should you consider selling your home privately?

There have been countless arguments for and against using real-estate agents or marketing your property privately over the last few years which has sparked many a debate. As the technology is moving forward and becoming more advanced regarding real-estate and the sale of property there are clearly very strong differences from both sides.

But when there are so many opinions and views that you can take up and listen too over blogs, websites, friends, family etc.. the list goes on.. Who do you listen too and what do you believe. Well look no more this is the fact of the matter. It is entirely down to you, the seller, and your needs.

Are you the type of person that’s up for having a go?

It boils down to weather you are the type of person that likes doing business face to face, looking someone in the eye and then entrusting them with your deal/house or property or whether you are the type of person who likes having a go yourself. Saving some hard earned cash. Putting some time and effort in to produce a result which is conducive to your sewing and harvesting.

So, if you are the type of person that likes to ‘have a go’ that likes to see if they can market what they have so lovingly worked for and have the opportunity to save a great deal of money on their sale whilst rapidly adding to their profit then here is exactly why…

Take back control of your sale.

When selling a property privately you have full control. You have the power to set your price, chose your market and negotiate how you feel comfortable. You have the ability to create a presence in the market place with your individual product (your property) in a way that no one else can as you have a sole interest in the sale as it effects you directly with your emotional interest invested into the whole operation and sale from start to finish. The onus is on you. Good or bad, fast or slow. The buck stops at you, and if you are the type of person that thrives on responsibility and and takes charge of your own life with no blame or ‘pity-party’ culture then this is most definitely the route for you.
Selling privately by using online platforms such as (UK based) or (internationally based) certainly have their limitations like the fact that it is basically a DIY (Do It Yourself) way to sell you property with no room for blame if you don’t have the correct pictures or description to your home to best promote it, but on the flip side you could potentially do a whole lot better..

Who better knows the description of your own home and has their heart and sole in its bricks and mortar like you??… Then who better to describe it then you? Who knows the best angles and in what light your bedroom shows the best.. You do.. And if you don’t you can alway hire a photographer for a couple of hours for a small price that would do.

This is even overshadowed by the fact that you would be paying a fraction of the price to list your property in this way then you would on one of these DIY platforms.. So what does makes a successful sale then and what is the major difference between you doing it yourself online or going to your local agent?

Communication Communication Communication.

Basically it boils down to the communication with the buyer, the effectiveness of your personal selling and marketing practice.. If you have your pictures and description on point. You have an effective means of communication via email, SMS messaging or phone then you are in just as good a position to sell your home. Probably better then any one else could do it for you.

An agents argument would certainly be “well we have been in the business years and we know it better then anyone else” but your argument is then “well we have been in our house for years and we know that better then anyone else”…

“We know selling

An agent will tell you that they treat every sale of a home separately and individually and in the same breath say “well we know selling anything to do with property anyway…” but then if every home is an individual how can you sell every home to your highest potential if no two homes are the same… And yes to be fair, a great agent they should be trained to market a tiny bedsit too a huge beverly hills mansion by taking in the positive attributes from both ends of the spectrum but never the less.. You know your own home and if you think you can give it a go by going it alone then no harm can come from it apart from educating you further!

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Why Investing in Real Estate Is a Good Source of Income Return

According to Robert Kiyosaki, “Business and investing are team sports.” Devoting your money in real estate is a good investment as the value greatly appreciates annually. It is also one of the safest types of investment, if not the safest. In this day, looking for possible investments can be very exhausting and worrisome as there have been plenty of scammers offering too good-to-be-true deals out there.

Getting Started
Getting started in the real estate business takes basic knowledge. Luckily, this can now be done easily by researching through the use of Internet. You don’t need to earn any form of specialisation in order to attain that, just a handful of key points that can be read through articles and books through the library and the Internet would feed your mind with the things you need to know. It is very accessible, helpful, not to mention inexpensive too.

Real Estate Versus Stocks
Investing in stocks requires ample amount of knowledge, before you can actually start with it; you have to know the dos and don’ts in order to gain profit. You have to understand the world of trading, how to play with stocks, and how to gain money from it. Investing in real estate properties is much simpler than stock trading. You can start by doing a little research on the Internet and looking for prospective properties. There’s much more to just choosing a property that would best serve your purpose though, it is just your step one.

It Is a Stable Investment
First off, you have to come up with a financial strategy. One of the most beneficial ways that most individuals come up with is by purchasing a house, apartment or unit that you can rent out to other people or families. In this way, you can use their monthly rent payment to pay for your mortgage fees. You are doing good business with that being said. Moreover, you have to come up with the down payment for the property that you are eyeing onto; this is usually 20% of the property’s value. So we are indeed looking at a big amount here, if you have savings up front, then the better.

Consult a Financial Adviser
You may also wish to consult a financial adviser to know the essentials of Real Estate investment. A good financial advisor will be able to give you the information and tips that you need to know. He/she can also point you to the best and worthy properties that could bear higher income return value over time.

Pass It Onto Your Children.
Real estate is a long-term investment and it will continue to grow over time. When you think of investment, you shouldn’t think of only just one lifetime, you should also keep in mind of what you can pass to your children when you leave them, may it be too soon or not. Real estate properties are something that you can pass onto your children. This may serve as a financial security to the loved ones you’ll leave behind.

Once you find more ways on how to manoeuvre this type of business and how good of an investment real estate can be, you can start purchasing more properties and see how it appreciates and how it could give you high income returns over time.


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