Joining the Vamoove Sellers Membership Plan

Either List up to 5 properties COMPLETELY FREE as a private seller, real-estate agent or investment broker! Or chose from one of our membership packages that best suit you or your agencies needs.

If you or the individual you are marketing the property for would like the opportunity, or would want to know in advance who you will be potentially committing to negotiating and starting procedures with. You can chose our ‘REASHARE property request membership’.

This enables you to protect your properties with our third party property request system that allows any potential buyer to send you a property request from which you can then obtain a snapshot of their details before deciding to carry on in negotiations with.

This membership is ideal for high value properties, vulnerable persons selling their property, international transactions, the seller who is keen to know who will be viewing their property and is wary of any fraudulent happenings or to protect against people just browsing their property for leisure.

This happens a lot and can be a frustrating process, especially in international deals where large amounts of money, time and effort are spent on open houses, marketing and viewings for potential buyers of whom there is no sure way of determining their true intentions or eligibility to buy.

By choosing this membership you add a layer or transparency and protection to any real-estate deal and put the power back into your or your clients hands.

Whether you are selling one, hundreds or thousands of properties there is a Vamoove sellers subscription plan right for you.

Our sellers memberships never cross over and a private sale will never be listed in the same search next to an agency or investment sale.

If you have a property that that you are willing to sell or market to both local and international markets Vamoove is perfect for you. We don’t even want any money for the pleasure of listing with us and thats a promise. However, we would advise if marketing property yourself to use our property request system which for a SMALL fee allows you to market your property with an extra barrier of protection and obtain a snapshot of the potential buyer who you will be potentially negotiating your sale with.
See our partner company to find out how this system works.

Our priority is to cater for all of our real-estate agents in the best way possible. We are so sure that you will love our simple system of property listing and what we are trying to achieve on an international scale, that we are giving you up to five properties FREE to list with us.
No card details. No joining fee. No free for a month and then money is taken there after. Nothing.
JUST FREE! If you are happy with our service then it is your decision weather to come on board as a fully fledged VAMOOVE member and list with us fully.

Do you have an investment to sell? Do you find it difficult to market your investment properties and real-estate to a wider international market. provides the perfect space when listing your investments to reach an international market place.
We have a huge database ready to go from which we automatically market your investments on rotation daily.
Don’t have time to list everything on our site but want to come on board?…
We provide an automatic listing system straight from your website to ours! Drop us a line to find out more!


Listing your property on vamoove gives you non-stop access to an international customer base of serious buyers looking to invest in properties in their own country and all over the world.


You get to create your own branded sellers or agencies page, list your real estate for sale, establish your credibility, and reach thousands of potential buyers.


Use the power of Vamoove’s social media presence to market your business.

Select the amount of properties you are looking to protect using the REASHARE protection system from the drop down box below.

Once the users account has been created it will be submitted to admin for approval.
This will be make sure that we do not allow spammers to list spam on the site.
Select the amount of properties you are looking to list from the drop down box below.

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