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Should YOU be investing in the international real estate markets?

Here’s why we think you should…

Thanks to an uber-strong dollar, global market events of the past half-dozen years and rapidly expanding middle classes in key locations, 2016/17 are going to be golden years for the international real estate markets. Of course, different people have different agendas while selling or purchasing properties. While some people choose to make new lives from these investments, there are some international buyers who’re looking to make good returns on their investment. In fact, in the Age of the Internet, people can now make cost effective purchases and instantly seize properties as soon as they’re realised into the global real estate market.

So why exactly should you be investing in global real estate? Here are some points too consider –

Diversification for buyers
One of the biggest advantages of investing in the international real estate market is the fact that you can diversify your portfolio. A lot of buyers do not think beyond domestic borders while investing in real estate, which can direly affect your property if the country experiences a negative economic period. In the end, you could potentially be left with nothing. However, investing in a broad spectrum of global real estate ensures that domestic economic troubles do not have any effect on your international investment.

Higher prices for sellers
Now if you’re someone who wants to sell their property to international buyers, then there’s no better way for you to make a higher amount of money than for letting international buyers invest in your property. How? Well, you can easily leverage the price of money in exchange rates to market your property to international investors. As simple as that!

An attractive portfolio
If you’re someone who’s a regular international buyer or seller (or an international real estate agent) you should know that putting up your property (either for sale or purchase) online to an international community immediately makes for an impressive resume. The international market is a great place for serious real estate investors to go through property after property. And with you being the one selling the property, you can very proudly flaunt what you have! Here are The 5 Top Overseas Property Markets For 2016 for those of you interested in them.

Potential for Growth
Markets like the US, Japan and UK have pretty much reached their saturation point. However, there are other international and underdeveloped markets out there that are in the middle of large periods of growth, most notably in Asia. All you have to do is to identify those countries or cities, invest in properties there, and you can very easily get a double or triple return on your investment.

Tax exemptions
One of the biggest advantages of investing in the international real estate market is the fact that your transactions are private and safe. Not only that, you get various tax advantages, including deductions you can take on your U.S. tax return. In fact, here’s an in-depth article on U.S. Tax Deductions On Real Estate Abroad. If you live outside the US then this article on Real Estate Going Global will help you understand exactly how much tax you’ll be saving via your investment or sale.

So, really – what are you waiting for? Make your foray into the international real estate market today!

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