We’re a young, exciting, innovative new company determined to change the way people buy and sell property, wherever they are based in the world.

Our Vamoove team is growing fast, and we’re always on the lookout for the brightest and best to join us. If you’re interested in a career with Vamoove check out our careers page.

Lukas Sheen
CEO & founder of vamoove.com
Lukas founded vamoove and put together a team to change the way that real-estate and property is bought and sold on an international scale. Uk based, Lukas comes from a background of real-estate and is involved in various international projects in property sales, developments, investments and lettings.
Technical Consultant
Lawrence is a full-stack web developer based in London. He assisted with a lot of the early prototype work for Vamoove, making sure everything got set off in the right direction.
Michael Godfrey
Multimedia executive
Michael Godfrey is a illustrator, designer, animator and multimedia developer in the Portland Oregon area with over 20 years experience in creating captivating visual media.
André Rodrigues
Intellectual Property & Technology Lawyer
André Rodrigues is an Intellectual Property & Technology Lawyer based in Lisbon, Portugal. He works exclusively with IP & Technology matters since 2005, having accumulated over 7000 hours of consulting in this field. Experience working at a law firm and a IP Consulting firm. He has a Master's Degree in Intellectual Property Law (Madrid, Spain). He's a member of the Portuguese Bar Association. André Rodrigues specializes in the following areas of Intellectual Property & Technology Law: - Trademarks - Contract drafting - Patents - Software Agreements - Internet Law - Licensing Agreements - Copyright - IP litigation, registration, and licensing - Law Research - Intellectual Property Strategies
sales development
Sam is from Merseyside. He has experience in sales, marketing, asset management, land buying and development. He is enthusiastic and encourages creativity in all aspects of life. Sam has been part of the Vamoove sales development team and lead generation process from the beginning and deals with the VICA certifications (Vamoove International Certified Agents) processing. Sam is open to any discussion, so please do not hesitate to contact him.


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