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Whats all the fuss about this new online property search?

It can be excruciatingly tiring to find the ‘perfect’ real-estate buyer or agent, be it when selling a property or purchasing one. You have to tick off so many things on your to-do list when finding the right person, like their success rate, their past performance, their purchasing situation, digging more into their history to speak to their clients and knowing how truly good (or bad) they are. And keep in mind that you might not have to do that with just one agent or buyer… you could potentially do it with many. Do you really want to spend your free time talking to people you don’t know and trying to collect information which will be of no value to you once you make your sale or purchase? And even then, you’ll never have the kind of information that you have about other service professionals.

And then.. If you’re trying to deal with home owners/sellers directly, that process in itself brings with it its own set of drawbacks…

Here are 4 advantages that you get when you use Vamoove’s perfect system of real estate buying, selling and renting –

  1. Direct communications and sales

As already mentioned above, the process of screening potential agents, home buyers and home sellers can be tedious and full of problems. But you can easily eliminate all these problems by becoming a part of Vamoove’s vast network of home owners, sellers and real estate agents where you can scour through millions of properties being sold across the globe. And you can have all this information at the click of a button.

The company acts as the medium via which you can communicate with potential home owners, sellers or even agents. We just make sure that the parties communicating with each other are genuine and anything beyond that point is between the parties! Vamoove is the first website of its kind that makes it mandatory for real estate buyers to pre-qualify themselves as our members. This is done to save potential sellers from wasting their time with people who just want to do nothing more than browse through properties and viewings without any real intention of buying them.

This cutting edge manner of searching for property online is unique to only Vamoove, which makes us stand out in a sea of real-estate websites across the globe.

  1. Property buyers are made to share their financial eligibility details.

There’s no scarcity of people who love to “browse” through one property after the other. These are the ones who cancel deals at the last moment because of reasons like “We’d like to wait it out” when the truth is that they never intended to buy the property in the first place because they simply couldn’t afford to.

This is why Vamoove makes it mandatory for property purchasers to submit proof that they can actually purchase the property. Proof includes a ‘Proof of funds’ i.e. solicitor’s, lawyer’s or lender’s note. Buyers are also required to register their solicitor details that the property sellers can view when buyers request to view the seller’s contact details or to view further details on the property. The seller can then either accept the request and carry on the negotiations, or reject the request completely if they feel the buyers are not a good fit to purchase their property.

  1. ‘Off the market’ properties available to those who request them in vamoove’s platinum buyers area

It’s true. The Platinum buyers enjoy the added advantage of rummaging through off market properties and niche properties with a difference. Remember – off the market means you can purchase unique properties at better rates since there is less competition for them from potential buyers.  In fact, for those of you interested in such properties, Vamoove has specially made the option of “local in-house agents” search available in order to make the option of purchasing properties much smoother for you.

  1. You have everything at your disposal for a small sum of £1

You can list and promote your properties to qualified leads for as low as £1 per property! And that’s the type of service that is cheaper than that charged by any and every real-estate website across the world.


So you see how just by usingVamoove, you can save a lot of time and energy which would have been otherwise wasted into efforts which may have never borne fruit? So check out the site today.

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